Fabspy cosmic scarf~


I was first introduced to Fabspy.com with this lovely cosmic scarf. It was a birthday gift from my sister and well, my collection has obviously expanded to a swirly wardrobe of Fabspy.com yumminess amongst my other yummy items of clothing~ :D .

I totally love the contrast of colours that stand out at the end of the scarf and the fact that I can wear it simply as it is. A simple gradient of blue hues with a smattering of fairy starry dust when I feel like it..

IMG_4337Or a gorgeous mix of bursting light cosmic blue and white when I need it to be~ Which do you prefer? Will wear it as a top next time~


Crazy at Corgi~


No the outfit above does not carry the label Corgi haha! I’m wearing a Fabspy.com backless dress that only recently came out but I guess the main highlight of this post goes to my madu and wifey:


 Shopping is generally fun~ but even better when I’m with good friends! I got sidetracked at Corgi @publika and needless to say, my friends aka madu and wifey decided to have some fun while I tried on some cute outfits! :D (LOVE korean fashion)


Can you see how they drive me insane with their excessively happy smiles? haha! LOVE it! I’m so glad I have friends around the world that make me smile like this:


Top:Topshop (surprise!)

Dress: Fabspy.com

Shoes: Zara (surprise!)

Bag: Balenciaga (surprise!)

I’ve opted for a different look in the links I have put in but with the Fabspy.com dress as the base. I think the new outfit is cute, well, it’ something I would wear anyway haha! I played a little with basics i.e. denim (jacket) and grey (dress) but added some pretty pastel-ish  shoes and bag. Top it up with a hat (beanie or cap) and sunnies if you like and you’re all set! Ahh..and if you were wondering if I went home with some stuff from Corgi..I did :-P .


Fridays only~


I’ve been told my outfits are a bit too casual for work~ Maybe it’s the denim shirt? Or is it the fact that denim is generally labeled off-duty?  I’d like to think outfits represent personality and  maybe~~ there is a code I should stick to but hmm..nah~~ :D


Yes~ I like chopping up my photographs~ I find paneling super interesting especially in manga and comic books~ totally changes the mood and story telling~ :D

Top: (surprise!)

Necklace: COS (surprise!)

Trousers: zara (surprsie!)

Shoes: Prada (surprise!)

Hmm..just spotted some nice trouser-suits from Topshop and TheKooples…



Monochrome Tuesday~


Mm…a little black and white won’t hurt I guess..it’s the office after all~ like the “retro” mood?


My hair has a mind of it’s own and I constantly get harassed over how unkempt it can be but never mind. I’m glad I have lots of hair! Haha!


Trying to showcase my Prada shoes in the most awkward manner ever! Bet it made you smile tho? ;-)


Top: HM (surprise!)

Jacket: Simone Rocha for Topshop (surprise!)

Trousers: Zara (surprise!)

Shoes: Prada (mwahaha!)

A little casual for work perhaps?



I’m baccckkkk~

IMG_3856Well~ yes! I am back in Malaysia and blogging! :D . Mmm, although to be honest I think my blog posts are more like diaries of what I wear on a daily basis..perhaps I should do a “special” feature soon??… Ah..like my peplum-ish tartan top?
IMG_3857I really like this top as it’s so cute and versatile~ I can wear a collared top underneath it if I want to, a little lace top that sneaks a peak at you from the bottom or just simply wear it as it is with or without a belt. LOVE it with high-wasited skirts too! Ok, yes, I’ve worn this top many times! I have another outfit up on instagram with jeans on.  Admittedly, this look was taken in the office, not that anyone minds I hope, but it’s good to get some fun at work to make it happier! :D .

IMG_3865Just a mini post but sometimes mini is best!

Top: * I don’t remember! * (-_-)”

Trousers: Zara (surprise!)

Shoes: Tory Burch (surprise!)

If I’m not mistaken the korean brand is called moolwool factory haha! I’ll have to double check that! But yes, the links above give a pretty different look, which I hope you will enjoy~ just put on an awesome cap and you’re good to go! Sigh..just looking through stuff from Zara whilst searching for links and I want everything!

Happy Monday!~